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1. Definition of Terms

1.1 “Service” refers to . The terms of “we”, “us”, and  “our” refers to our company which provides money exchange programs via the Internet at the web address  This site provides services to its “Users” via an interface that has been designed by us.

1.2 “User” refers to the person that will be using the website and is conducting business for themselves or as an agent of a business or banking institution. The user also agrees to adhere and abide to the current terms of

1.3 “Electronic Currency” this is also referred to in the terms as also “E-currency”. The term “Title Unit” relates to the amount of currency that is being exchanged via the website. This is often a set amount depending on the transaction that is taking place.

1.4 “Electronic Currency System”, “E-currency system”, “Electronic Payment System”, “Online Payment System” is the third party software which is implemented to help and facilitate the transactions that are iniciated by the user and the service.

1.5 “Payment” is the form of currency that goes from the sender to the user who will then use the service to transfer it to their banking  institution.

1.6 “Order” refers to the process of the user placing an action with the service, for the sole purpose of using the service as agreed to the terms of this agreement between the user and the service being that of

2. General Provisions

2.1 The agreement manages the user and service relationship regarding solely the services that are offered by MoneyBuySell and voids any previous agreement that the two sides may have had in the past regarding transactions.

2.2 For the purposes of this agreement it is to be noted that this is in compliance with all regulations and laws that are present in the country where the user and the service or located or currently reside in. This does not act as a termination of any agreement that had been reached between the electronic payment systems and the user of said systems.

2.3 The act of using MoneyBuySell or using the service for the purpose of creating Orders, means that the user agrees to the conditions herein this agreement.

2.3.1 All Orders and their conditions are all considered to be that of a public offer.

2.3.2 by placing an order with the service, the user acknowledges that they are accepting the public offer as well as any and all conditions that are associated and stated before the user makes the effort to place an order.

2.3.3 The time as well as the date of the order being placed shall be kept as a matter of record by the service upon the user placing their order with the service.

2.3.4 Upon placing the order, the user will be required within 120 minutes to accept the transaction and all of its conditions that have been stated within the terms of service.

2.4 The terms of this agreement is for two parties for when the user places an order with the service and the service receiving the order placed by the user.

2.5 The agreement becomes void upon the completion of the order within the service or upon the order being canceled by the user whichever shall occur first.

2.6 The two parties affected by this agreement will agree to is in its electronic form the same as if the agreement was in written form.

2.7 The service has the right without notification to modify or change the terms of this agreement without prior notice to the user. This is all dependent upon the service publishing the latest version of the agreement on its site of

3. The Subject of the Agreement

3.1 The purpose of this agreement is for the purposes of exchange, selling or the buying of units of e-currency. This is dependent upon the user placing an order and the service receiving the said order in addition to other services that have been described through this website.

4. Rendering of Service

4.1 the processing of an order submitted to the service by a user will be completed by the service in accordance with the policy of privacy located in the 5th section of this agreement in addition to the money laundering and fraud prevention policy which is located in the 6th chapter of the aforementioned agreement.

4.2 The orders placed with MoneyBuySell as well as the process for the transaction and checking on said transaction will all take place through the user interface which will be provided by the moneybuysell website.

4.3 Transaction records will be processed accordingly of the regulations and rules of the electronic payment systems that the order has been placed with.

4.4 any and all transactions that take place on the MoneyBuySell website are considered to not be able to be reversed once the transaction has completed. Once the transaction has been finished, it will be considered finished and unable to be reversed.

4.5 In the event that the funds requested via the order are not received to the account that the service has been directed to in the course of an hour starting at the moment the order is started by the user. The service will terminate the order without notice to the user by the service without prior notice from the service.

4.5.1 any currency that is transferred after the fact will be subject to return within a 24 hour timeframe with the proper transaction fee being charged MoneyBuySell does not take ownership of any delays that may be caused unless said delay was caused by the service.

4.6 If the user gets an amount that is different than that stated in the order, the service will treat this as a request and will take measures to recalculate the value of the order. This will be done in accordance with the amount that was received by the user.

4.6.1 in the case that there is a difference in the two amounts of more than 10% then the entire order will be canceled by the service. The funds in question will be returned within a period of 24 hours after the cancellation of the order. All transaction fees will be charged MoneyBuySell does not take ownership of any delays that are not caused by the service.

4.7 In the event of the user not getting the funds within a time of 24 hours after the order has been placed, the user can at their discretion make a request for the transaction to be terminated and a return of their funds made back to their account.

4.7.1 a Transaction can and will only be terminated when a user makes a request only when and if the funds have not been transferred to the account of the user via the details of the account that were provided in the order.

4.7.2 In the event of a termination the return will be completed within a time frame of 24 hours from the moment that the termination transpired. MoneyBuySell does not take any responsibility for delays unless it is the fault of the service performing the return.

4.8 To ensure that the obligations in this agreement are able to be carried out, MoneyBuySell reserves the right to use the services of a third party.

4.9 The service has the right to at any time terminate a transaction that is in the process of being processed and return the funds back to the user without any explanation at any time.

4.10 If a user violates the provisions of this agreement the service reserves the right to refuse service to the user.

4.10.1 in the event that the service refuses a user, the service will communicate via email or via a phone number to let the user know about the refusal of service. This will be followed by the suspension of any and all orders that the user currently has with the service. The service will return all funds via the account details that the user provided the service with originally. The expenses that the refund incurs will be the responsibility of the user to pay.

4.10.2 Any and all orders that are placed in the future will be suspended without question and all accounts that were associated with the orders will be blocked as well.

5. Privacy policy

5.1 The user will submit their personal data in order to facilitate the processing of transactions. This data will be accepted by the service and will be treated as confidential information via a series of encryptions. This will never be shared with a third party unless the exceptions mentioned in the following paragraphs are met, 5.4,5.5, 6.5 of the aforementioned agreement.

5.2 The transactions and transfers of data that are associated with a user and the service are maintained secure via a 256-bit encryption process.

5.3 At any time that the service feels it is needed, the service can search for and collect any information that it deems needed on the user without any prior notice to the user. This information will always be treated with caution and will be kept confidential and will not be given to a third party. The exceptions to this are listed in paragraphs 5.4,5.5 and 6.5 that are contained within this agreement.

5.4 The service being named for the purpose of this agreement as being MoneyBuySell does hold the rights to share with a law enforcement agency the details of a user upon request. This will only be effective via a court order or by the agency in question should an investigation become needed.

5.5 Any details of a transaction in addition to the personal data of a user may at any time be given to a payment system if requested. This would be in the event that they need to perform an internal investigation.

5.6 The data that concerns the user in addition to the transaction details will be stored in a database that the service keeps for a period of five years from the moment of the users last order.

6. Anti-Fraud and Money Laundering Prevention Policy

6.1 to be in compliance with legislation that is iternational the service goes by a set of rules that are in place to prevent any type of money laundering. The includes the obtaining of money through illegal methods and trying to conceal the orgin of said money as well as any other activity that is deemed unlawful.

6.2 In an effort to make sure that no transactions that are unlawful take place the regulations that are in place will be as follows.

6.2.1 The person that sends the money must be the same person that initiates the order on the service. Third party payments will not be permitted.

6.2.2 Details relating to contact of the user in an order must be accurate and up-to-date, this includes name and address as well as method for communication.

6.2.3 Any order that is placed through a proxy server that is hidden as well as hidden internet connections will be prohibited.

6.3 To ensure that the service is not the source of unlawful activity the service shall:

Use a system within their system that is designed to analyze the users actions as well as the transactions that take place on the system. This system is designed to help block out any activity that is deemed to be illegal.

Set a limit on the number of transactions that a user can do over a certain period of time. This is dependent upon the orgin country as well as the amount of verification that the user has.

Uses the Know Your Customer policy that many systems will use to limit the amount of illegal activity.

Makes sure that the information that the user provides is accurate and up to date through any means that the service deems needed.

6.4 The service has the right to suspend the account of a user as well as their current set of orders if the service suspects fraud. This will be until the user is able to provide to the service a copy of their issued ID from a government agency. This will be in addition to the proof of the origins of the funds as requested by the service. This will be the case in the event:

Paragraph 6.2 of the agreement is shown to be present.

If the Fraud Prevention System for some reason cancels an order

Over the course of 30 days the amount of transactions performed by the user equals more than $500 or the amount that is set forth by their respective country.

The users will agree to provide the documents that are requested within seven days from the time it was requested. If the user is unable to complete this, they can ask that the transaction be cancelled.

6.4.1 In the event that the user is not able to provide the documents that were requested, the service has the right to further refuse service in addition to taking the actions that are laid out in this agreement in paragraph 4.10 of said agreement.

6.5 The service reserves the right to refuse service as well as invoke the actions that are in the paragraph 4.10 of this agreement

In the event that activity linked to money laundering, financial support of a terrorist organization or fraud of any type, this also includes any other illegal activities.

In the event that the service suspects that the ID provided to the service is not a valid, or fake as well as expired.

In the event that the funds of the user are associated with any activity under investigation by a law enforcement agency.

In the event that the user tries to manipulate the software or hardware of the service and invoke a negative action in doing so.

In the event that te user tries to commit theft of data from the service of either other users or that of the service itself.

In the event that the actions taken by the user are done so with the intent of causing damage to the service.

6.6 The service is allowed to verify the identity of the user by any means that the service sees proper.

7. Limitation of Liability

7.1 the purpose of the service is not to act as a bank while the service does process orders 24 hours a day and those are done 7 days a week, this does not mean the service is a bank. The service will use all efforts possible to help proceed the operation in a seamless manner as much as possible.

7.2 The service provides their service on a basis that they are “as is” these services do not have any additional warranties that are applied to it in any manner.

7.3 The use of this service indicates that the user accepts any and all responsibility and does not place the responsibility upon the service.  the user will also acknowledge that the service will not offer any additional warranty and does not take upon itself any other responsibility as does the user. This is except for cases that are listed in paragraph 7.9.

7.4 The service will strive to ensure that the user will have functions that will be uninterrupted on the service. This does not act as a guarantee of accessibility. The service does not assume any responsibility fort damages that may be encountered while using the service, this includes the inability to access the service.

7.5 The service take no responsibility and will not compensate the user for damages or loss that the user will encounter, this includes any expenses that are a result in the processing of an order being delayed to a bank or other financial institution.

7.6 The service does not assume any responsibility for damage or the user having a loss of profit in addition to any expenses that the user will encounter. These may be a result of a user having a false expectation regarding their fees or even their exchange rates.

7.7  The service does not assume responsibility for damages or loss of profits that are a result of the user providing inaccurate information.

7.8 When using the service, the user will assume to pay the taxes that relate to the tax laws and regulations of the country that they reside in. The service will not act an agent for the purposes of collecting taxes and thus will not be required to notify the user of such burden of taxes on transactions.

7.9 The user will repay losses and damages that are incurred by the service by their using of the service in an improper manner.

7.10 The user shall guarantee that they own or have permission to access and process the funds that are in the order placed with the service.

7.11 The user will not engage in using the service for transactions that are deemed to be unlawful. The user assumes that upon committing an unlawful act, the user may be prosecuted to the full extent of the laws for the country in which the user resides. The actions carried out by the user may be looked at as unlawful in the country that the user resides in.

7.12 The user will agree that they will not forge any type of communication with the service in the process of placing an order or during the time that the order is being placed. The user will also not impede the process of the hardware or software of the service from functioning properly. Failure to abide by this may lead to the prosecution of the user publicly.

7.12.1 In the event the uses does forge communications with the service. The processing od an order will be stopped immediately and the user will not be refunded their fees associated with the order.

7.13 The user agrees that all content on this website is copyright protected and use of it may result in legal action being taken.

7.14 Neither the user nor the service shall be held liable for any delays in processing a transaction due to a disaster that is the result of nature, a labor dispute, an act that is deemed an Act of God or any other item that is out of the control of the user, the service or the institution the funds are being transferred to.

7.15 The electronic payment systems are responsible for the funds that are transferred to them and are trusted with these by the user.

8. Making Claims and Dispute Resolution

8.1 Issues and claims that arise as being associated with this agreement will be settled via negotiations that will be between the service and the user as per this agreement.

8.1.1 If a user has a claim, they can file it via the web and should be done so by sending a message via the contact details listed on the website.

8.2 If a claim can not be settled through the process of negotiations, the matter will be resolved in accordance of the country that the service is registered.