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How do I get started with a currency exchange at MoneyBuySell?

It’s easy to get started with MoneyBuySell.  To exchange currency with our service you simply need to apply for an exchange using our online form. All you need to do is first select the direction of the exchange, after that it’s a simple step-by-step process and is carried out using our automated system.  All transactions are handled reliably, quickly, and securely, so you can take peace of mind that your money is safe.

How is a currency exchange is made using MoneyBuySell?

Its so simple to make a currency exchange using MoneyBuySell.  First you select the type of currency that you need to exchange.  Once you have selected the original currency, just select the type of currency that you wish to receive.  You will then be shown the current exchange rate and amount available to exchange.  All you have to do now is to enter the amount that you want to exchange, and you will be shown the amount that you will receive on the back end of the process.  After this just enter the relevant details such as purse numbers, account number, e-mail, etc.. BE VERY CAREFUL AND DOUBLE CHECK YOUR DETAILS!!! ONCE YOU CONFIRM THE TRANSACTION THERE IS NO WAY TO REVERSE OR CHANGE IT!!! Once confirmed the transaction takes place in a few second in most cases and less than a day in extreme cases.

I accidentally closed the browser window, can I continue working with my application?

Yes, of course! When you made an exchange operation request, the system sent an automated message to your email address.  This message contains a link that you can use to easily continue working on your exchange application.  MAKE SURE THAT YOU USE A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS OR YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CONTINUE YOUR EXCHANGE APPLICATION!

What is the time period terms of the request?

The stated term of the request for Instant WebMoney exchange is 30 minutes.  If the transfer of funds used to purchase foreign currency is received after this period the amount of the currency that you ordered exchanged will be converted according to the WebMoney then current PKR/USD exchange rate on the date that the funds are received.

I cancel a request after the payment is already made do I lose my original funds?

You can always cancel a request if the ordered amount has not been paid yet to our service. If you have already paid a request, your funds will be redirected back to you as quickly as possible minus a deduction of a reasonable commission.

How can I purchase electronic money using a bank account?

You can do this just as easy as you can with money transfer or social payment services.  Start by making your request to BUY currency. In the form provided enter all of your relevant details.  When you complete the transaction, your bank account will be deducted the amount desired, and then converted to your desired form.  The converted funds will then be transferred to your e-wallet in a few minutes.

How can I sell e-money to MoneyBuySell

This is super easy and we are honored that you want to do business with us! All you have to do is submit a request using the SELL section of the website.  Complete the form with your bank information and other relevant data and then complete the request using the merchant interface.  Once the e-currency has arrived in our system we will process the transaction through to your bank in a few minutes.  PLEASE BE AWARE THAT WHILE OUR TRANSACTION TAKES ONLY MINUTES IN MOST CASES, THE MONEY MAY BE DELAYED ACCORDING TO THE POLICIES AND TRANSACTION PROCEDURES OF YOUR FINANCIAL INSTITUTION.  PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR BANK ABOUT HOW LONG THE TRANSACTION WILL TAKE TO PROCESS.

After the transfer of funds manually to your wallet, to pay for the request, I have not received the payment. Why is that?

CAUTION!!! DO NOT DO THIS! Never transfer funds directly to our wallet. If you do the system does not recognize your payment, and as such the automated system will not recognize the payment.  As such the transaction will remain unpaid. Finding your payment must then be done manually by our staff and this can take some time due to the large number of transactions we process.  After a transaction has been started ONLY TRANSFER FUNDS USING AUTOMATED MODE VIA OUR WEBSITE.

What guarantees does MoneyBuySell provide?

Our main guarantee is that you can rely on our commitment to your satisfaction and security.  Providing the utmost service in e-currency exchanges is what we so every day, it is our main business and we have been doing it for years. We are a fully recognized WebMoney provider and all of our WebMoney Passport details is available in the WMT.  With MoneyBuySell.